Universal Studios claims to have the first true HD movie on HD DVD

In around a month, Universal Studios will be releasing the first film to HD DVD that was shot in HD instead of being converted from film to HD. As the article says, the resolution of film is beyond what current HDTV can even resolve so there maybe no clear advantage to either format. I will be interested to see a review and see how the colors, sharpness and clarity look. My guess is that picture will look sharper and clearer but lose the natural colors that film offers. A bit too much starch so to speak.

From the article:

However, films shot before the digital age had resolutions of around
5000 x 5000 pixels, significantly higher than any HDTV is actually capable of
displaying. So, even though the movie was filmed with the latest digital
equipment, in terms of resolution, there may be no clear advantage in the final

Universal was not immediately available for comment to clarify the
technical specifications of the Miami Vice HD DVD release.