Sony BR Is Here

I guess its better to show up to the party better late then never! Sony had best hurry or their format is going to turn into a pumpkin twice in the last 30 years. The early reports, mainly from AVS, is that you can get them at BB. That is if you can afford it. The PS3 is looking better and better for its HD playback :). 

From the article:

After just
a few delays
(cough, cough) it appears that Sony's first Blu-ray player —
the BDP-S1 — has finally landed, and a few days early to boot. At last word the
player was expected on or about Dec 4th 2006, but a few lucky Blu-ray fans
picked one up from Best Buy today; no word on pre-orders
from the Sony Style
store as of yet. The early results are good and some
have already started to enjoying that 1080@24P that we have all been waiting
for. Sure 3:2 pulldown works great, but there is nothing like a native frame
rate to bring out the best in film. Early indications seem to point to a lack of
Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD decoding, but you can still enjoy uncompressed audio
tracks via discrete analog cables or HDMI. As cool looking as this player is, a
PS3 at Ebay prices may still be a better deal than a stand alone Blu-ray player.