Tannoy HTS 200 Home Theater Speaker System

I am quite impressed with what speakers you can get in the thousand dollar range these days. The Tannoy HTS speaker set just eeks under this price range and gets a pretty good review from Sound & Vision. The finish of the speakers is quite nice but will likely only fit in with a specific decor so be sure to consult your wife before making such a purchase. I think these would find their way nicely into a livingroom style setup rather then a full fledged dedicated setup.

From the article:

I powered up and spent a few minutes tweaking the
sub. As is typical, it has level and crossover (50 to 200 Hz) controls,
as well as a 0/180-degree phase switch. After some preliminary
listening, I settled on a crossover frequency of about 110 Hz and no
phase shift. I experimented with the foam plug and eventually decided
to use it for music but remove it for movies. The plug mainly affected
the upper-bass response, with the system delivering tighter bass with
the plug in and louder (but boomier) bass with it out. Also, after some
listening, I pulled the towers away from the wall a short distance till
the front grilles were about 12 inches from the wall behind them. This
marginally tightened the upper-bass response in my room. Of course,
your room and speaker placement will uniquely dictate your decisions.