Artec T14A Digital TV Tuner

If you are looking for a teeeeny USB ATSC tuner for on the go life or simply ran out of PCI slots, have a gander at PC Magazine's review of the Artec T14A Digital Tuner. I have heard more then a few positive comments on this little bad boy. Its also worth mentioning that it works with MCE. The review had a few problems with the device but I am not convinced it wasn't the environment. Oh.. and tip to reviewers….. never review the bundled software…. unless its a known PVR package

From the article: 

There's promise here in this relatively easy-to-use device. I could imagine dropping it in my bag and enjoying HD content from the comfort of a hotel room. If you have a digital tuner on your TV (or connected to it) you can plug the Artec antenna's standard coax connector right into it—you leave out the Artec Digital Tuner. I tried this at home with my HDTV, but the HD signals were too weak to produce watchable HDTV. However, until all the bugs are worked out and the software starts to recognize some interface standards, I can't recommend Artec's T14A Digital TV Tuner.