Open Letter To Readers

I have read a few comments in the past few weeks that have finally prompted me to write a letter to the readers. I want to start off thanking everyone for creating such a great HTPC community. It is by far the friendliest and most down to earth group on the Internet. It was fantastic to see that even as the site grew there were no flames or fanbois to ruin it for the rest.


A few of you may know that Brad changed jobs over the summer and due to extensive travel and other commitments has has not had the opportunity to be involved in Due to the very infrequent communication between Brad and the rest of the staff, I decided to quit and form my own site to continue to provide fresh news and content to the community. I discussed this at length with John and Matt and they were in agreement that we needed to move to a new site to continue the work we were doing at


It was an extremely difficult decision to make! However, we do feel as though we made the right one because will have the right people and resources in place to make this new community as great as's is. Don't get me wrong, our goal is not to compete with but continue where it has left off. 


We also did not want to close down shop at as the forums and articles are a valuable resource to people getting started with Media Centers. John elected to stick around to keep the lights on and provide system admin services on an as need basis. As a matter of fact, he has beefed up security quite a bit to eliminate the hacking problems we experienced earlier on in the year. However, both Matt and John spend the majority of their time writing articles and contributing to


In closing, I would like to thank everyone for making the great community it is. I look forward to working with everyone at! Comments, questions, suggestions and egg throwing are all welcome.