Optoma HD70 DLP Projector

1080p front projectors are still out of the price range of many, however, 720p projectors have had significant price drops in the last several months. An example of this is Optoma's HD70 720p projector that comes with a $1000 price tag. It also has enough features to satisfy most including an HDMI and VGA connector, relatively good brightness, 3,000:1 contrast ratio. If you have the lighting conditions to make this work, you get a much larger picture for quite a bit less investment.

From the article:

I was rather surprised how much light this little projector puts out.
We maxed it out after calibration at 23.31 foot-lamberts. That's higher
than many of the projectors we've reviewed at any price point. The
black level, 0.008 ft-L, is quite decent but not amazing. Together,
these combine to make for a 2,914:1 contrast ratio. This is closing in
on the contrast ratios the high-end projectors are producing and, it's
better than the contrast ratios of most others we've measured in the
budget realm.

Disappointingly, the color points are pretty far off, farther off than
just about anything we've measured in recent memory. On the screen,
this isn't terribly noticeable. Mostly, the colors just don't pop or
seem exactly right. For example, chapter 2 of
The Fifth Element
has a desert shot with a boy on a camel and a big blue sky. The sky was
a shade of blue than I had seen from a projector before. It didn't look
bad, just a little different. Then again, without a reference, this
isn't something most people will dislike—or probably even notice. As I
said, it's disappointing, but it's not a deal breaker.