LG’s Drops Blu-ray Drive In UK Market

LG, a 2006 mover and shaker, has introduced their PC Blu-ray drive to the market. The cost is up there, 499 GPB to be exact. Being an early adopter is painful, and this case even more so because the burner can not burn dual layer BR media :(.

From the article:

The GBW H10N boasts the fastest currently available Blu-ray write speed of
4X, as well as writing to existing DVD formats at speeds of up to 12x. The full
line up is as follows:

Write speed: BD-R 4x, BD-RE 2x, DVD-R 12x (SL/DL), CD-R (DL 6x), DVD-RW 6x,
DVD-RAM 3-5x, DVD+R 12x, DVD+R DL 12x, DVD+RW 8x, CD-R 8x, CD-RW 10x

Read Speed: BD-R 4x, BD-RE 2x, DVD-R 10x, CVD-R DL 6x, DVD-RW 10x, DVD-RAM
3x-5x, DVD+R 10x, DVD+R DL 10x, DVD+RW 10x, CD-R 40x, CD-RW 40x.

Sadly, as you may have spotted from these figures (and the reason I gave you
the full breakdown) LG has no quoted speeds for dual layer Blu-ray media because
it cannot burn to this format. Little can.