Crackle, PBS, and Lifetime Take a Trip to Fanhattan


Fanhattan was one of two apps out of a recent roundup of media recommendation apps that I have been playing with quite a bit over the last few days. Fanhattan looks like a media aggregation service, but it doesn’t aggregate media so much as aggregate links to other apps that play the media and it’s pretty darn spiffy. It’s pretty […]

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Plex Available on Kindle Fire

The Plex team is in the middle of a new round of releases, but it sounds like Amazon gave the team a freebie. Plex has been available on Android for a while now through a variety of different venues, including the Amazon App Store for Android. However, according to the Plex forums, when the Kindle Fire was launched Plex was […]

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YouTube Gets Channel-Focused Facelift

If you have been to YouTube this weekend, then it likely looked a bit different than usual. Google is in the process of rolling out a major new look for YouTube intended to highlight YouTube’s content channels and personalization options. Simply visiting YouTube will reveal the new focus on channels, but login to your Google account and you will gain […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 20

So, there was one more enhancement that I decided to make to the frontend before putting it back into service.  While I was looking into getting the suspend function mapped to a button on my remote, I ran across this page on the MythTV wiki.  While the command shown for suspending the PC didn’t work for me, I did like the […]

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Patriot Javelin S4 Media Server Reviewed

Network attached storage is getting to be an essential component of a modern home network. If you are looking to go the NAS route rather than the home server route, you might want to check out the Patriot Javelin S4 Media Server. The Javelin S4 is a 4-bay unit capable of supporting up to 12TB in a variety of different […]

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Xebec Tech iTouchPad Diamond Keyboard Reviewed

Xebec Tech iTouchPad Diamond

I’m always on the lookout for keyboards with integrated mouse control that might be suitable for use in the living room. The Xebec Tech iTouchPad Diamond caught my attention in part because I had not heard of Xebec Tech before. It sounds like they have put together a solid keyboard and touchpad with the iTouchPad Diamond, though the form factor […]

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Sonos Adds Slacker, Labs, and Android Tablet Support

The folks over at Sonos continue to push their whole-home music solution to take advantage of new devices and services. They have updated the Sonos controller app with native Android tablet support, including support for the Kindle Fire. The Android tablet version of the app has been reformatted to take advantage of the extra screen real estate and adds Twitter […]

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Lian Li PC-Q25 Mini-ITX Case Reviewed

Lian Li PC-Q25

We commented on the Lian Li PC-TU200 mini-ITX case the other day, which looked like it would be well-suited to a media server with it’s 5.25 inch optical drive bay and 4 hot-swappable 3.5 inch slots. The PC-Q25 might be even better suited to a server role with room for up to 8 hard drives, five of which are hot-swappable. It gives […]

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