Plex Media Center, Plex Media Server, and Plex for iOS Updated

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It’s been about a month since the Plex team went on an update binge and they have decided that they are ready to return to the table for another round of updates. These updates are decidedly more low-key than last month’s smorgasbord, but there are a lot of bug fixes on the table and even a few new features.

Plex Media Server has been updated to version

 Since it has moved to shipping separately, the Plex Media Server is now a much better standalone application, with support for autoupdate and starting at login.

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Meanwhile, Plex Media Center has been updated to version 9.5.2 and comes with even more new features, including at least one feature that the Plex team obviously expects to be quite popular.

That’s right, our good friend Ryan took a break from saving people’s lives to add refresh rate switching. On TVs that support it, this means perfect 24p playback with nary a shudder, judder, or stutter. I have an old Sony TV set and it works great, taking under a second to switch rates.

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Plex for iOS has also been updated, coming to version 2.1 with full support for the myPlex features launched during last month’s flurry of releases.

We’ve also been hard at work this month on the new release of Plex for iOS. The most exciting change in this new version is support for myPlex-only configuration. Previous versions required a media server to be present, but no more!

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  • I haven’t seen any reason to
    I haven’t seen any reason to try Plex Media Center but I’ve come to really like using Plex Media Server with my LG TV; much nicer than the DLNA interface on the set.