Verizon FiOS VOD Going Over-the-Top?

FiOS on Roku

Verizon showed off some new innovations in its Flex View VOD service and revealed that they might take the service over-the-top to both subscribers and non-subscribers outside of FiOS service areas. Verizon also showed off a Roku channel that would be one way to consume Flew View VOD content. If Verizon ends up following through, it will be interesting to […]

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CNET Reviews Denon’s 1912

I’m happy see Ethernet appearing on mid-level AVR, mostly for control but also because of the IP features it provides.  Hopefully it also means that firmware updates won’t require a trip back to the manufacturer. It’s unclear from the review whether AirPlay support is an optional (and additional cost) feature with this year’s Denons, so Apple users will need to […]

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RCN Confirms TiVo Premiere-To-Premiere Streaming

I think everyone knows by now I’m not a TiVo user (the idea of TiVo is actually what drew me to HTPC’s over 10 years ago), but I still have a place in my heart for them. And this is pretty awesome news…although again not exactly revolutionary. TiVo Premiere-to-Premiere streaming functionality is indeed included in the 14.8 software update. Perhaps […]

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Amazon Launches Trade-In Beta Program

Recently Best Buy announced a trade-in type program where you could sign up when you purchased a product, and then it showed you how much you could trade it in down the road. This one’s a bit different with Amazon as it can be any product and then it shows you the value in Amazon gift cards they will give […]

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SageTV HD Theater 200 External IR Mod

I love mods that void the warranty of a product for a useful purpose! Here’s one for the older SageTV extender device and connecting an external IR to it so you can tuck it away yet still control it. If, however, you are the owner of an HD200 that is already out of warranty and are still reading, then you’ll […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Assembling an HTPC


We recently covered some recommended parts for Building a Home Theater PC and today we are taking that one step further by taking you through the process of how you can build your very own HTPC. The process is not going to be identical to what you will experience as parts will vary depending on what you select, but hopefully […]

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Blu-ray Releases – May 17, 2011

Decent week of movies this week, actually a fair amount of new ones. Don’t be confused by the B-movie rip-off of Thor, it’s not the real one. The Roomate was absolutely horrendous and I like thrillers. As much as I enjoyed Anthony Hopkins in the real Thor, I couldn’t stand The Rite as it was basically an Exorcist knockoff. MissingRemote’s […]

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Lian Li PC-C50B HTPC Chassis Review

Lian-Li PC-C50 Case

Lian Li is a case company known for making quality aluminum enclosures. They’ve always erred on the side of form over anything too flashy, but have made an HTPC case for almost 10 years if memory serves me. HTPC’s and home servers are becoming a popular fad at this present time and as more consumers are jumping on this band […]

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