Lian Li PC-C50B HTPC Chassis Review

Lian-Li PC-C50 Case

Lian Li is a case company known for making quality aluminum enclosures. They’ve always erred on the side of form over anything too flashy, but have made an HTPC case for almost 10 years if memory serves me.

HTPC’s and home servers are becoming a popular fad at this present time and as more consumers are jumping on this band wagon, more companies are feeling the need to fill the market with new products. This is where market leader Lian Li step in with the PC-C50B case, designed perfectly for server and HTPC use no matter who you are and what your needs are. This was obviously all added with the addition of low powered components from AMD and Intel in the form of Fusion and Sandy Bridge.


  • This would have been a great

    This would have been a great case had it not been for the lack of a IR receiver. These days it should be standard. 

  • I agree.  It seems silly,

    I agree.  It seems silly, since they put low profile receivers on several of their other cases and there is plenty of room available.