Amulet Devices shows off beta update at CES

Amulet Devices Amulet Remote

If you are not familar with it, Mike Garcen did a great review of the Amulet Devices Remote Control prior to its release.  While at CES I met with Pat Lawless from Amulet Devices and had a chance to see their upcoming beta in action.   The focus in the upcoming software release is the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).  So in […]

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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 Remote Apps

IMG_0310 [1024x768].JPG

One thing we didn’t talk about much when ArcSoft’s TotalMedia Theatre 5 (TMT5) was introduced was the inclusion of smartphone control apps. At CES, I was able to take a look at the apps which run on both Android and iOS. The apps work via wi-fi, but unfortunately, there was too much interference to see them actually work (this was […]

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ESPN Breaks Record for Cable Even though Streamed

I have a few take aways from this impressive report of how ESPN did in its broadcast of the BCS Championship game last night, where it broke the record for most viewers on a cable channel broadcast. Mainly, I hope this will quiet some of the talk how online streaming video HURTS television broadcasters. Quite impressive numbers and I would […]

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Thermaltake LUXA2 LM300 Touch Pro HTPC Case

This is a nice looking case, but it’s odd that the review didn’t mention exactly how much it costs (yet price was listed as a con)–odd. Anyhow, a quick google search found it anywhere from $400-600! Quite a range for a high end HTPC case, but as you would expect with a 7″ touch screen. Not so very often we […]

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10 Tools to Get the Most Out of Netflix

I know we have a lot of Netflix users out there, so how many of you use some of these awesome websites designed to help you get the most of the streaming features? I know I only knew of a few of them, great list here. Netflix regularly has to take offline movies and TV show episodes based on the […]

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ZOTAC introduces new lineups at CES

IMG_0266 [1024x768].JPG

While at CES we had a chance to meet with ZOTAC and we are very happy we did.  Their ZBOX and Mini-ITX motherboards have done very well over the last year among HTPC enthusiasts and I expect their new lineup to do just as well. What I really liked about their new products is that they will be offering a […]

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Haier’s TV with Windows 7 Media Center Embedded

Haier's Windows 7 Media Center Embedded

When Windows 7 Media Center Embedded was first announced I made the below tweet so when I first saw the Haier TV I was pleasantly surprised! (I’m also taking full credit…) btw, Would love to see a TV manufacturer use W7 Embedded w/ Media Center for smaller sets. I want an all-in-one kitchen TV powered by MC7. Keeping reading to find out […]

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Boxee Box Release new Firmware with LOTS of Fixes

For those early adopters out there who jumped on the D-Link Boxee Box and experienced some issues, there’s some good news. Here’s a new firmware you can easily grab and has a ton of fixes and even some enhancements. As always, proceed with caution any time you do a firmware upgrade that just came out. Enhancements:     * Settings to […]

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