The Daily Button – December 18th, 2007

Alan is off taking a much needed respite from his daily news desk duties…  In other news, today’s Daily Button will be spell checked.  😉 It seems today is the day for High-Def DVD type news, so buckle in. Home Theater News: CE Pro High Impact Products 2007 @ CEPro Home Theater News: The High-Tech Trends of 2008 @ Electronic […]

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The Daily Button – December 17, 2007

Earlier last week I complained about how 2007 was a bust in the Media Center world and 2008 continues to be the same. Here are a few of my predictions of things that will and will not happen. Will – Microsoft releases a WHS version of MCE and Softsled’esque support for client PCs. I think it make sense and Microsoft […]

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XPS 420 First Impressions


As I mentioned in my earlier blog, "Drinking The Kool-Aid" I went ahead and purchased the Dell XPS 420 with Dual CableCard option. I still feel a little dirty doing so, but in order to maintain the WAF, you sometimes have to do what you have to do. My configured system, as follows, is mostly the default system with a […]

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SageMC: Bringing Sexy Back?


I almost hate to call SageMC a plugin or skin as it is coded from the ground up in studio :). Starting off as a glint in mlbdude’s eye, the torch has been carried by Flachbar and Meinmaui (Dirk and Mike). The original goal of SageMC was to provide a look and feel similar to MCE and provide some needed […]

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Battlestar S1 Issues?

Via Engadget HD , it appears more than one person is reporting quality issues with the HD DVD version of Battlestar Galactica. This is one show I was about to buy because I was never able to catch it when it was broadcasting. Scratches and audio sync issues are two of the common problems. When will people learn? When targeting […]

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The Daily Button – December 15th, 2007

The question before you is.. Would you pay a little extra per month if your Cable Co. offered a Media Center setup? I am not thinking a stout box that I might build but a TiVo’esque form factor with the Media Center UI and network connectivty that allows streaming of your pictures, music and video files. I am rather surprised […]

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The Daily Button – December 12th, 2007

This time last year I felt like a wide-eyed kid on Christmas day. 2007 was going to be THE year that Media Centers moved main stream. Companies would bend over backward like they do to gaming enthusiast. would be at the center of this providing as PR folks clamored at my door step to provide review samples of the […]

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SageTV V6.3 is now available for Win/Linux!

Whassat? No beta? You betcha! Sage has released Version 6.3 for Windows/Linux. Overall just a few minor tweaks and bug fixes to turn this one into a stable version. The major changes such as animation and large addidition to online content happened during the beta phase 🙂 The DVR-MS file support kinda snuck in there. I wonder what they have […]

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The Daily Button – December 11th, 2007

Well the unboxing of the S16V is done but the pictures turned out so poorly that I decided to retool my light setup. I will be making a trip to Lowes this week and have everything ready for a Monday morning unboxing. Sorry for the delay 🙂 If you didn’t catch our preview of Omaura’s newest concept, check it out […]

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