Battlestar S1 Issues?

Via Engadget HD , it appears more than one person is reporting quality issues with the HD DVD version of Battlestar Galactica. This is one show I was about to buy because I was never able to catch it when it was broadcasting. Scratches and audio sync issues are two of the common problems. When will people learn? When targeting a product to geeks, make sure it is right or there is going to be an Internet shit storm.


briefly watched the beginning of "33" and wasn’t impressed at all. I was hard pressed to notice anything "HD" about it – and I’m not talking about the grain (although, if the producers intended the image to be THAT noisy, well…. that’s an interesting choice…). At the very least, even with the laziest of Universal releases, the minimum upgrade delivers a solid, stable image. Some are soft, some have EE, but, overall, it’s at least solid.