How CableCard DRM Benefits Microsoft

Vista has a big advantage in the PC DVR marketplace by being the only option for digital cable tuners. How can SageTV and BeyondTV compete? Floppyhead I wonder how much Microsoft has actually fought with CableLabs about its DRM-scheme. Publicly, they appear to be butting heads but privately, Microsoft has a lot to gain by being the only option on […]

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Drinking The Kool-Aid


Chris Lanier has reported that Dell has taken and finally grown a set of stones and taken a stance on their CableCard offerings. Unlike some others, *cough* HP, Dell will be making all XPS 420 desktop PCs CableCard ready. This means they will have the proper OS w/ CC support, proper BIOS support and the ability to select CableCard tuners. […]

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Omaura Contest Winners

Let me start off by saying we were all very impressed with the entries for this contest. It was a very tough decision and after several hours of beating each other, we have arrived with our decision. 1st place – nwtp13  – Congrats you get your choice TF8, TF5 or TF11 AND TF-TFT, TF-HDD, OLED, and IR/UNIT 2nd place –  […]

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The Daily Button – December 7th, 2007

Comforted by the warm glow of the of the OLED on my TF-11 display, I listen to the storm rumble through this sleepy prairie town. As usual, whenever my satellite sees anything more then a heavy mist I lose a signal. It’s a good thing I have this HTPC loaded with shows and DVDs to keep me company and then […]

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Price Drops Ahead For SSD’s

For those looking for a cooler quieter faster and affordable os drive, you may have to wait a bit more but there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. Zdnet "Put those two factors together, and it could be possible to come out with a 64GB solid-state drive for close to US$300 toward the end of 2008, […]

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The Daily Button – December 2nd, 2007

I am here to announce that will not be publishing new content for the near future. We have no choice but to show our support for the suffering Hollywood writers. John is quoted as saying, "By creating a resource for HTPC enthusiasts, we are encouraging the recording of shows and as such we should get a cut of the […]

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AnyDVD released

Users of AnyDVD will want to download the latest revision that just came out. It has a few fixes that will certainly improve the WAF. Forum Link: 2007 11 30 – New (DVD): Some discs are mastered incorrectly and have invalid file sizes. AnyDVD now corrects the file sizes in the VIDEO_TS directory. – New (DVD): Added support for […]

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Ricavision Vave 100 – Sideshow And Universal


Well it’s not shipping until on or before February 29th and there are still some simple features that definately should be included (like viewing the TV guide on the remote). But it’s a step in the right direction. Ricavision The VAVE100 Windows® SideShow Vista Universal Remote Control provides direct access and complete control of home entertainment devices, the Windows® Vista […]

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