The Daily Button – December 7th, 2007

Comforted by the warm glow of the of the OLED on my TF-11 display, I listen to the storm rumble through this sleepy prairie town. As usual, whenever my satellite sees anything more then a heavy mist I lose a signal. It’s a good thing I have this HTPC loaded with shows and DVDs to keep me company and then all of a sudden things get funny and creative.

I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you with the rest. I am an employee so I can’t enter anyways. 🙁 We are close to finalizing our picks for the contest, but there were so many good entries it is taking a little longer than we thought. The Omaura judges are overseas as well, so the time-zone difference does not make things quicker. 🙂 Stay tuned, later today we will announce the winners or announce that we need a bit more time because we are too busy laughing our asses off to decide. 🙂

Plugin News:
My Movies 2.42 released at My Movies

Software News:
Snapstream unleashes Godzilla PVR to businesses @ Zatz Not Funny

Software News:
Sage 6.3.4 RC

Xbox News: Xbox 360 Movie downloads go international @ Zatz Not Funny 

PVR News:
Watch music videos on your TiVo @ PVRWire

TV News:
Shows with remaining new episodes at Geek Tonic 

High Def DVD News:
Blade Runner: How Great HD is made @ Sound & Vision 

High Def DVD News:
10 reasons to skip the format war completely @ CEPro 

Video Card News:
Asus G92 EN8800GTS review at Tweaktown

Vista News:
SP1 RC1 overview at Supersite

Motherboard News:
Intel DG33TL G33 Express mATX review at SilentPCReview

Hard Drive News:
160GB 2.5" HD roundup @ X-bit labs