The Daily Button – December 2nd, 2007

I am here to announce that will not be publishing new content for the near future. We have no choice but to show our support for the suffering Hollywood writers. John is quoted as saying, "By creating a resource for HTPC enthusiasts, we are encouraging the recording of shows and as such we should get a cut of the revenue." I for one, couldn’t agree more. MisssingRemote shoud expect, NAY, DEMAND our cut of those advertising deals.

In other news, we are in talks with all the major PVR software vendors. We have developed a technology that will allow for targeted advertisements based on viewer habits. Expect updates to your favorite software soon. Each advertisement will run no longer then 5 minutes at the beginning of each recording and you will likely have several opportunities to win iPods and Brown Zunes. Of course no solution is complete without our secure plus (c) DRM technology. Enthusiasts will be happy to know that this DRM is so secure it limits playback to one TV that is located under the bed of a Tibetian monk who has taken a vow of silence, chastity and not to pay high cable rates.

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No Firingsquid reviews or articles today 🙁