The Daily Button – December 17, 2007

Earlier last week I complained about how 2007 was a bust in the Media Center world and 2008 continues to be the same. Here are a few of my predictions of things that will and will not happen.

Will – Microsoft releases a WHS version of MCE and Softsled’esque support for client PCs. I think it make sense and Microsoft seems to be making an attempt at integrating their services.

Will Not – Xbox Live and all its goodness will not make it to the Windows platform. No renting movies no nothing. VMC will be stuck in crappy streaming media purgatory.

Will Not – Satellite tuner cards? I doubt it, but I would like to be proved wrong.

Will Not – CableCards for the DIY

Will – Cheaper CableCard ready PCs. Dell started the trend. By years end we should see it on sub $700 PC’s.

Will Not – End to the format war. 2008 will not be the end but a clear winner should be in sight.

Will – Proper CODEC support in MCE and extenders. Its coming!

Will – QAM tuning in VMC – Is it coming? I hope so..

Will – With all OSes supported and their HD extender out. Sage will turn to UI refinement and enhancing their media center capabilities.

Will – will be THE go to place for the HTPC enthusiast.

Will – will have a handfull of A/V reviews next year. This one is really a reach :). 

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