JVC DLA-RS2 review @ Projector Central

The new D-ILA projector from JVC is reviewed and promptly receives the editor’s choice award. Projector Central The DLA-RS2 — A Projector for the Videophile The DLA-RS2 is priced somewhat higher than the other 1080p models we’ve been reviewing this fall. The target market for this model is clearly the purist videophile who wishes to spend more than the typical […]

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Test: Panasonic LCD projector PT-AE2000

A review of the PT-AE2000, translated from German. This review also covers the construction and includes images of the disassembled parts. It also mentions the benefits for gamers of the Panny’s ‘very fast’ mode that reduces delay. Very thorough. (The translation stopped after paragraph 3.4.5. The quote was manually enhanced for easier reading.) Cine4home Panasonic pursued this year a similar […]

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DirectTV Details

It certainly doesn’t get your hopes up to see a sat tuner anytime soon when MS is just getting around to posting a job notice to test the sat tuners. However, according to Chris L. things are creeping forward ever so slowly. Expect new sat tuner cards to come with the new release of Media Center. Of course, we have […]

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The Daily Button – December 20th, 2007

As Christmas draws nearer, you can expect the content output to drop as we spend time with friends and family. Over the holidays, feel free to share what Santa brought you and what your New Year’s resolutions will be for your HTPC.   HTIB Box News: Pansonic SC-PT650 review @ Audioholics Podcast  News: The Media Center Show #136 @ TheDigitalLifestyle.com […]

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DirectTV Info?


It looks like Chris L. has DirectTV information that he isn’t coughing up. Head on over to this post and nag him until he coughs it up ;). Could it be they are finally ready to release a sat. tuner for the DIY enthusiast? I have no idea and hopefully we find out soon. My guess is that the tuner […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 1: MyMovies


Welcome to the Life With a Plugin series! The purpose of the series will be to give quick reviews of all the numerous Vista Media Center plugins that are out there, and evaluate their usefulness. A lot of plugins are cool but rarely are needed that often, so I’ve decided to evaluate these for you and help in keeping your […]

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Mitsubishi HC4900 reviewed @ Projector Central

Looks like consumers in the states can count themselves lucky again, as Mitsubishi has a rebate thing going on their HC4900. In Europe the price will be an "incredible low" €2000 (that’s $2940) Woohoo… Projector Central Last week Mitsubishi decided to continue the lead in price/performance by dropping the price of the HC4900 to just $1995 after a $500 rebate. […]

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Cable vs Satellite vs FiOS

Thanks to Chuck for submitting this article from Electronic House. It is an overview of the different TV sources available to you.  Electronic House Choosing a home’s television service provider gets a little more difficult each year. Emerging technologies, changing rates and packages, and access limitations all factor into this battle royal between old – and new – enemies. There […]

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The Daily Button – December 19th, 2007

I have had lots to say this week about CableCard topics, so I am a bit talked out. Lets just get on with the news and call it a day :). PVR News: Hacking your Scintific Atlanta 8300 box to output 1080i @ PVRWire High Def DVD News: Toshiba HD-A30 review @ EngadgetHD High Def DVD News: LG Super Blu […]

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