JVC DLA-RS2 review @ Projector Central

The new D-ILA projector from JVC is reviewed and promptly receives the editor’s choice award.

Projector Central

The DLA-RS2 — A Projector for the Videophile The DLA-RS2 is priced somewhat higher than the other 1080p models we’ve been reviewing this fall. The target market for this model is clearly the purist videophile who wishes to spend more than the typical consumer to get the very best possible performance. One should be aware that a totally dark room with non-reflective walls, ceilings, furnishings, etc, is required to realize the maximum potential of any super-high contrast projector. Once you get into extreme contrast performance, any reflective surfaces in the room will cause light to bounce back onto the screen, thereby compromising black levels more than it will on a lower contrast projector. However, users who make the effort to darken walls and ceilings (in essence, replicating the environment of a quality commercial movie theater), will be rewarded handsomely with the RS2.