The Daily Button – December 19th, 2007

I have had lots to say this week about CableCard topics, so I am a bit talked out. Lets just get on with the news and call it a day :).

PVR News: Hacking your Scintific Atlanta 8300 box to output 1080i @ PVRWire

High Def DVD News: Toshiba HD-A30 review @ EngadgetHD

High Def DVD News: LG Super Blu combo player review at Sound & Vision

Cooler News: GeForce 8800 GT Mega Heatsink roundup @ Hardocp

Case News: GMC AVC-S7 review @ Metku Mods

Video Card News: Radeon HD 3870 review at Boot Daily 

Linux News: 9.5 weeks with Ubuntu @ Madshrimps 

Zune News: Firmware Update 2.3 release @ Zune Insider 

Toaster News: Turbo Toaster burns toast quicker then ever @ Gizmodo