DirectTV Details

It certainly doesn’t get your hopes up to see a sat tuner anytime soon when MS is just getting around to posting a job notice to test the sat tuners. However, according to Chris L. things are creeping forward ever so slowly. Expect new sat tuner cards to come with the new release of Media Center. Of course, we have no idea when the new release will be.

Chris L

Most of these details are not earth shattering, but they do reinforce some points. First is that the Xbox 360 Extender will have to get a codec upgrade for H.264 in the future. Currently only the Dashboard supports H.264, so except an upgrade before the DIRECTV tuner ships. Second, I personally never thought about the technical side of this product as the details are not there. However, now that I see things like PPV and in-band EPG I can see why it might be taking so long. Just tuning and decrypting the video is one thing, but if these details are right Microsoft taking the in-band services and developing them within Media Center is a huge undertaking.