Big Screen Weather Two


Niall Ginsbourg, famous for showing his great Vista plugins, has been hard at developing an update for Big Screen Weather. Version 1 was for Aussies only and version 2 is designed for over 4000 locations world wide :). You can even get sat. imagery in the US and Australia.

Its always good to see Niall push the envelope with his plugins.

Big Screen Weather.

  • Latest Detailed Global Weather Observations (for over 5000 locations worldwide – including Europe, Asia, Africa, N/S America, Australasia)
  • Forecasts (3-7 day) for over 4000 locations worldwide
  • Satellite Imagery, Animated Radar Loops (US + Australia only) and Charts – with a preset catalog of over 1400 images.
  • ‘TV Weather’ style Geo Browsing of worldwide observations – with panning and zooming to locations (Continent, Region, Country and State levels).
  • MultiLingual UI and Weather data (9
    languages) : English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,
    Norwegian, Swedish  + Danish. (DBCS + RTL Language support such as
    Hebrew + Japanese are planned for Q1 next year).