The Daily Button – December 12th, 2007

This time last year I felt like a wide-eyed kid on Christmas day. 2007 was going to be THE year that Media Centers moved main stream. Companies would bend over backward like they do to gaming enthusiast. would be at the center of this providing as PR folks clamored at my door step to provide review samples of the latest and greatest Media Center innovation.

What happened then? Well not a stinking company came through with their promise. CableCard was a flop, though a tiny amount of momentum was gained with Dell’s announcement of making one computer CableCard ready. Of course, if you want to record satellite, you are out of luck. You can bet neither of these options will work for a DIY builder. DRM? Yup still there. HD DVD/Blu-ray on the HTPC? Eh, its getting there. 

As always we did move forward. QAM is now available to the masses with the introduction of the HD Homerun and programs like SageTV support capture card QAM tuning. Though not perfect, HD DVD and Blu-ray are there and somewhat affordable. 

What about 2008? Is this going to be THE YEAR? Call me pessimistic but I have had too many years in a row of saying this is going to be the year. My official statement is 2008 will be have extended periods of meh with small periods of good news. Well enough of this lookback, onto the news.

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