SageTV V6.3 is now available for Win/Linux!

Whassat? No beta? You betcha! Sage has released Version 6.3 for Windows/Linux. Overall just a few minor tweaks and bug fixes to turn this one into a stable version. The major changes such as animation and large addidition to online content happened during the beta phase 🙂

The DVR-MS file support kinda snuck in there. I wonder what they have in mind :). 

Forum Post:

Updates over V6.2 include:

-animated user interface
-support for the SageTV STX-HD100 High Definition Media Extender
-added 125 new online content sources
-expanded hardware support on Macintosh (HDHomeRun, HVR-950, ElGato EyeTV Hybrid)
-DXVA capable MPEG2 decoder on Windows
-various bug fixes & performance enhancements
-MKV & DVR-MS file format support