Poll Analysis: What size is your primary HTPC Case? (connected to your primary display)

Hopefully, you were able to participate in our poll last month, What size is your primary HTPC Case? (connected to your primary display). If not, shame on you!

All kidding aside, let’s take a look at the results and see if there’s anything interesting we can learn from them.

Please note that this article will make use of some new features as you may have noticed on some of our recent articles using embedded spreadsheets. Just click on “View Fullscreen” to get a bigger view of the embedded data. Using your mouse, you can hover over the results to highlight results that are too small to be shown.

We had a vote total of 517. The results as a whole were as shown:

If we dive a little deeper into the results, we can see that clearly, most participants are using HTPC cases, but a significant number are surprisingly also using non-HTPC cases. Presumably, the non-HTPC cases are stashed away out of sight or are being used due to budget constraints.

Just looking at HTPC cases, it is clear that even though ATX cases are the biggest single chunk, it is clearly a minority when all the other smaller cases are combined.

Hopefully, you like looking at these numbers and what they mean as much as we do. If you’re looking for more poll fun, make sure to participate in this month’s poll, How Do the Majority of Your Household Primarily Consume Movies in Your Home Theater?

If you’re looking for more interesting HTPC case information, check out this poll from our forums.

  • I love the graphs. ¬†However,

    I love the graphs.  However, the content inside the iframe seems way to big.  I get scrollbars that only show me more whitespace.  I haven’t used Google Docs much so I don’t know if you can fix this or not.  I’m using Google Chrome in Windows Vista.

    • Unfortunately, there’s not

      Unfortunately, there’s not too much control we have over what’s in the iframe from Google Docs. If you click on “View Fullscreen” above each chart, you should get a proper view of the chart.