Microsoft Releases Windows Home Server 2011 Update Rollup 2

WHS 2011

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 2 for Windows Home Server 2011. The new update rollup compiles a host of bug fixes and system updates. A number of the fixes are geared towared localized installations and there is a fix for OS X Lion, though there is still work to do on that platform as the update rollup’s documentation lists three known problems still awaiting fixes for the OS X Lion Client. Update Rollup 2 also fixes the problem of music file tags being overwritten by the server, an issue that hit me personally and ruined the tags on several thousand songs before I discovered the problem. Finally, Issue 14 caught my eye. The language is vague, but the reference to the new Windows client sounds like a fix was needed to correct an issue with the client connector on Windows 8. 

The fixes include disabling of the Media Streaming Metadata Synchronizer scheduled task which caused music metadata to be overwritten without consent. The task can now be switched on if desired in the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard. Also resolved is a problem downloading files using an Android device via Remote Web Access, and an issue uploading files from iOS devices.

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