Fix HP MediaSmart WHS2011 Blinking Light

You may recall a few weeks back our news post about the fantastic driver work being done by lpn over at WeGotServed, and I’m excited to be installing the latest version which has actually been tested! Looks like he ironed out most of the kinks, and you should be good to go if you took the plunge like I did […]

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HP MediaSmart LED Management for WHS2011

Now this is why I love the community so much! The HP MediaSmart WHS series has been scrapped by HP, but that hasn’t stopped a certain forum user of taking it upon himself to fix the blinking LED issue you have if you tried upgrading to WHS2011 as I did! Not flawless success yet, but looks extremely promising! Compatible Hardware: […]

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Installing a Server OS in Intel Media Series Motherboards

Intel Motherboard.png

Having seen Missing Remote’s reviews of the Intel Media Series motherboards it should be clear that they provide a solid foundation for a home theater PC (HTPC) build, but because they also include Intel NICs (network interface controller) there is a strong case to use one for your next server build as well.  Unfortunately, Intel does not support server operating […]

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