It’s Official – Ceton Tuners Now $199


If you stay on top of the current deals, you surely noticed that both of the InfiniTV models dropped $100 over the last few days on Amazon and other retailers. One-off discounts aren’t generally news, but today it became official with Ceton announcing that they are changing the MSRP of their Digital Cable Tuners (DCT) to $199 making it the clear value play (@ $50/tuner) versus the competition.

It’s probably too soon to call it the first strike in a price war, but it’s never too early to hope 🙂

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Ceton Announces New $199 Retail Price for InfiniTV Digital Cable Quad-Tuner Models

$100 Price Reduction Brings Cost per Tuner for CableCARD-based Tuners to Never-Before-Seen Levels

KIRKLAND, WA — February 20, 2012 Ceton Corporation, the world leader in digital cable tuner solutions for the PC, today announced a drop in the suggested retail price for its award-winning InfiniTV 4 PCIe and InfiniTV 4 USB digital cable quad-tuner products to $199.00 in the United States. Effective today, consumers can purchase InfiniTV 4 devices from Amazon, Cannon PC, Fluid Digital, Hard Drives Northwest, Micro Center, Microsoft Store, Newegg and Velocity Micro at the new price, a $100 (33 percent) savings, making an outstanding value even better.  The Ceton line of InfiniTV digital cable tuners continues its legacy of delivering the best value and uncompromised quality in the market.

A Ceton InfiniTV 4-equipped PC makes exciting new entertainment scenarios possible in the home, including:

  • Watching and recording up to four live HD channels at once;
  • Streaming live HD channels or recordings to multiple TVs, and making Digital Video Recording (DVR) available on virtually every TV, using Windows Media Center Extenders;
  • Enjoying cable TV, Internet TV, music, photos, videos and more, all through one device, with the Media Center experience from Microsoft;
  • Eliminating cable set-top boxes, expensive hardware rental fees and DVR “taxes”;
  • Sharing individual tuners with other Windows 7-based PCs to enable watching TV programming on PC displays as well as TV sets.

“For anyone thinking about buying a Ceton InfiniTV, there is no better time than now,” said Gary Hammer, president and chief executive officer of Ceton Corporation. “We are giving shoppers every reason to experience new entertainment scenarios they have only imagined before, and with better value than ever.”

About Ceton Corporation

Ceton Corporation is the world leader in digital cable tuner solutions for the PC and is developing the next generation of in-home digital entertainment and communication solutions. Combining stellar hardware and software engineering capabilities with market-making technology, Ceton aims to help unlock the potential of the digital home to unleash a new generation of in-home connected entertainment and communication services for PC and device makers, software developers and consumers. More information about Ceton and its solutions is available at

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  • The e-mail I received from

    The e-mail I received from Ceton also stated that if you buy more than one InfiniTV 4, either PCI-E or USB, the 2nd one is only $169 for a total price of $368 for two.  You can buy one of each or two of each type, but you have to buy them through Amazon via the link they provided in the e-mail.

  • From $100 per tuner to $50

    From $100 per tuner to $50 per tuner in a year and a half….I wonder what we’ll see a year and a half from now.  $25 per tuner?

  • hmm… i definitely dont need

    hmm… i definitely dont need this, but if anyone wanted to buy my dual-tuner hauppauge card for a reasonable price (i dont know, say 45$/tuner, ie. 90$ total) i would upgrade, if for no other reason than eliminate one more wall wart.

  • Oh wow this is awsome news,

    Oh wow this is awsome news, it makes me very interested in going back to an HTPC platform.

    • Matt wrote:Oh wow this is


      Oh wow this is awsome news, it makes me very interested in going back to an HTPC platform.


      What do you mean go back?? Is there another option Innocent I think this HTPC line is now just starting to get good.. With prices falling, we still haven’t seen the best..

  • Could this mean the 6 tuner

    Could this mean the 6 tuner card might be out soon? Smile

    • I read another thread where

      I read another thread where Eric Kotz from Ceton said it’s in the works, but no release date has been announced yet.  I’d guess they’re concentrating on getting the Q DVR and Echo extenders into production first.