Boxee’s PC client sails permanently into the night

We’ve all heard of it before.  Many use it.  Now it looks like today you can’t get it for your PC.  Boxee’s software is now only available for their Boxee Box and similar devices.  I don’t use it but I think that more options are always good.

Boxee announced back in December that its PC client would be shuttered, and the time has finally come: Boxee will remove all copies of its app for PCs by the end of today. AsGigaOM reports, Boxee VP Andrew Kippen confirmed that the company will officially kill the PC client. In his original announcement, Kippen said that the future of TV will be driven by the Boxee Box and other connected devices, rather than PCs — the move makes sense, considering that even Microsoft has shied away from the HTPC crowd by focusing on developing the Xbox 360 ecosystem. 

The Verge