Fractal Design Arc Midi Tower Case Reviewed

Fractal Design Arc Midi

We had the opportunity to review Fractal Design’s Arc Midi case last month and came away generally pleased, particularly with the case’s versatility and value. It would make a solid foundation for any HTPC or home server build. I am continually surprised with how many drive bays Fractal Design manages to fit into their cases without sacrificing accessibility. Our friends at the Hardware Canucks have also taken a crack at the Arc Midi and have put together a video review that does a nice job of showing the case’s features inside and out. Though they note that the case is not without its flaws, they too seem to be rather impressed with how much value Fractal Design has manged to build into the Arc Midi. 

The Arc series follows two distinct lines: a mini tower and what they call a “midi” design which is something between a mid tower case and a slightly smaller form factor. For anyone that wants a mid tower but has limited space, the Arc midi may be the perfect enclosure since it combines a subtle design with a ton of cooling options and a great price of under $110.

Hardware Canucks