Dune HD adds Control4 Support to Max, Duo and Smart Series Streamers


I’ll admit that this wasn’t what I was hoping for when I saw the message from Dune HD in my inbox this morning (give us the VUDU already :)), but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested. Home automation is a natural next step for home theater geeks (if you’re here, this likely includes you) once the consumption problem has been nailed down. Now I don’t have much experience in this area, but I’m hoping to change that in a couple months when we move into our first modern-era home.

PR after the click…

Dune HD Universal Media Players Now Control4 Certified

Popular Dune HD Max, Duo and Smart Models Finalize Control4 Certification Process with New Driver Available in Q1 2012  

AMSTERDAM (Integrated Systems Europe, Booth Number #7M198) – January 31, 2012Dune HD, GmbH today announced today at ISE 2012 that its award-winning universal digital media players are now Control4 Certified. The Dune HD Max, Duo and Smart series’ of media players passed rigorous interoperability tests in Control4 Labs to ensure they integrate seamlessly with Control4 home automation systems. Control4® is a leading innovator in residential and light commercial automation systems, delivering intelligent control over consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems. Dune HD will introduce the Control4 driver for its Max, Duo and Smart product lines in Q1 2012.

Dune HD continues to set new standards in the media player segment by ensuring the company’s most popular models are Control4 Certified. The new driver will feature support for the full Dune HD IP control protocol API, and will expose popularly requested advanced features. Control4 dealers have enthusiastically embraced the Dune HD Max, Duo and Smart series in their custom residential and commercial projects, and the Control4 Certification brings additional advantages to the Dune HD line over competing universal media players.

“Just as we saw the opportunity to create a device capable of playing back audio and video files of any format, codec or type, we recognize the value of offering tight integration with whole-home automation systems such as Control4,” said Konstantin Dyshlevoy, Dune HD founder and CEO. “We are very happy to be a part of the expanding Control4 ecosystem and welcome Control4 dealers to consider Dune HD products for their ease of installation and integration.” 

Riding on a groundswell of momentum for Dune HD, this news follows closely on announcements the company made in at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January, where they demonstrated the first implementation of THX Media Director in a Blu-ray player and media player, disclosed forthcoming support for the popular VUDU streaming service, and offered the first demonstration of a new concept in modular digital media players with the Dune HD Pro, which won a CES Innovations Award at the show.

About Dune HD, GmbH

Dune HD, GmbH is recognized as a global leader in universal digital media players. Over the last five years Dune HD has received more awards than any other company in the category for delivering the very best in universal digital media players. Dune HD products support the widest number of digital formats in use today, from Internet based digital streaming and download, to disc-based formats such as Blu­ray and DVD.  The Dune HD line of media players offers superior quality HD video and audio with support for IPTV, VOD, OTT, networked digital files and interactive services. More information on Dune HD is online at www.dune-hd.com.

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