Nixeus Fusion HD Review

Nixeus is a relatively new entry to the media player space–reminder, if you haven’t checked out our Media Player Comparison Guide but you’re in the market for one, you should read that first. Here’s their Fusion HD reviewed and seems to do a pretty good job, but at over $200 MSRP that’s more than a lot of competitors. Seems like it does a good job but could be better.

When considering all the players in the market at the same price point, the Nixeus Fusion HD is not the best for the meticulous consumer. For example, the Boxee Box beats the Fusion HD in terms of codec compatibility, online media services and user experience. However, it does consume too much power and doesn’t come with a hard drive slot (which might be a hard requirement for some consumers).

With no hard disk installed, the Fusion HD consumed less than 8W when playing 1080p H264 videos over wireless compared to the Boxee Box’s 14W. Even with a high performance Barracuda XT 2TB drive, the unit never consumed more than 17.9W despite being stressed with demanding media streams. The noise from the fan might be a concern for those with very sensitive ears, but that is the case for almost all the streamer models out there with support for 3.5″ internal hard drives.