Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard


So I get the idea here, combine all sorts of features and then you can do everything. But man, for about $150 this sure seems pretty expensive. I suppose if you really need everything all together it will work. It’s tough to see just how big this guy is from the picture though.

The latest of these new breed of hybrid devices is the Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard from Veho. The Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard is not only a small form factor keyboard but also has a built in gyroscope so it can be picked up and used as a 3D mouse! Heck, if all that is not impressive enough, it also has a built-in 8-way gamepad with dual thumbsticks. Yes, this amazing piece of engineering will not only let you surf the web, and the mundane tasks but actually allow you to turn your HTPC into a full on gaming rig! Add in 20 hour run time per charge and a wireless range of 10 meters and on paper, the Veho Mimi Wireless Gamepad Keyboard looks quite promising. In comparison, the upcoming IOGear Mini HTPC Keyboard with integrated trackball looks like somewhat dated.


  • It looks like it’s about the
    It looks like it’s about the size of the original Xbox controller. Maybe a little bigger. Right now I’m using GameEx as a frontend for emulators launched from within WMC, this might be a viable option, but it looks like it might be a bit clunky. Maybe if my DiNovo Mini died I’d think about getting this. As it stands the Logitech keyboard and Xbox360 controllers are working out well. It’s a good idea though if it works well.

  • i mean, isn’t the answer to

    i mean, isn’t the answer to this Microsoft just finallys upporting the Xbox360 controller and keyboard? What’s the difference? The mouse support i suppose…but in a game? nobody’s playing a keyboard/mouse game with this anyways. would be fun to test out

  • Just snooping around their

    Just snooping around their website this company makes some pretty stylish looking products so it’s a head-scratcher to me that they opted to go white body with black accents and buttons.  Based on looks alone I wouldn’t be too keen on having this laying around my living room unless we decide to redo the room in a Dr. Seuss theme.

  • I wish MS would officially
    I wish MS would officially support the chatpad in Windows. A lot of people do. The alpha drivers that were made from the bounty only work with corded controllers as far as I know. You could use xpadder for mouse functionality or MCEJoy if you only need it for Media Center and you’ll be set. It’s still cobbled together compared to the Veho. I’d give up some, ok a lot, of pretty for something that just works out of the box.

  • Yeah I’d much prefer the MS

    Yeah I’d much prefer the MS chatpad to something like this. First off, the chatpad is removable… I couldn’t imagine playing a game with it still attached. And aesthetically, ugh… yeah what’s up with the white? My wireless keyboard works kinda so-so with my extender but gets the job done when necessary. I have a wireless dongle for my PC to be able to use an xbox gamepad but I haven’t used it in ages.