Dune HD Smart D1 Media Player

In the past we’ve had some pretty good thoughts about Dune’s players, with Andrew really liking the BD Prime 3.0, but that was at a much higher price point. Don’t forget if you’re in the market for a Media Player to take a look at our Buyer’s Guide Comparison charts, which we’ll need to add this bad boy to it.

From a hardware standpoint it is very well constructed, fanless, and quiet. Undoubtedly when it comes to local video playback, the Smart D1 not only does it but it does it well, and I would argue for local video content the Dune is amongst the best out there. Like many of the other media players out there music and photos is a weak spot, and if that is an important area then I would recommend looking elsewhere. With the expanded lineup across a variety of price ranges this should as well open up the Dune to a wider consumer base.