VUDU just arrived on the Boxee Box

I had a chance to check out VUDU on Boxee while at CES and it looked great. I’ll be updating when I get home tonight.  Tons of bug fixes as well so make sure to read the release notes if you are encountering issues.

We have released a new version of the Boxee Box firmware. Your Box will update automatically within the next 24hrs or you can manually check for the update by going to Settings>System>Update (this is the update we tried to get out last week, but had to pullback after we received initial critical bug reports). Our apologies to those who had issues with the previous version and thank you for your patience (and that of your significant other).

As always there are many bug fixes and in this case lots of work on the Boxee Browser, but the big news in this release is VUDU (VUDU is available only in the US).

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