Google Tells Google TV Hardware Partners to Hold Off Ahead of CES 2011

Remember that big GoogleTV that was supposed to revolutionize the way people watch TV? Well…hold off on that for a bit I guess. I’d be very surprised if Google really was backing out, my guess is they are going to just improve things they went wrong with. Better to realize this sooner than later I suppose. is reporting that Google has notified Google TV hardware partners to hold off on showing any new Google TV-powered HDTVs and set-top boxes at CES 2011. It was expected that Toshiba (possibly LG and Sharp, too) was going to unveil a new HDTV and Blu-ray player based on Google TV, but no longer. The company is putting its new products on hold until the Google TV team gives them the green light. The hold up apparently has to do with the Google TV App Market not being ready and, the issue that seems to get worse by the day, TV networks (i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) not wanting to play ball with the new platform.

eHomeUpgrade via NYTimes

  • I was really bullish on the

    I was really bullish on the Google app platform.  Ultimately, the emphasis on TV search let them down.  TV search isn’t the way most people want to consume content in the living room.


    I’m hoping they reload and put the emphasis on the app store.  I’m glad they realized it sucked so quickly.  Wish they had never launched it.  My friends’s wife got him the Logitech Revue and it’s just not the kind of device that a layman can use effectively.

  • i agree, and honestly, am

    i agree, and honestly, am kinda impressed. It takes a lot for a company to accept a failure especially this fast. The whole thing is just so odd though, i still want to know what was their rush in throwing them out so fast. i’d love to sit down with their PM and chat