Western Digital WDTV Live Hub Review

Some nice features on this new WD device, and what’s more pleasing is that they’re keeping to the Media Player market. What does concern me however, is the number of existing bugs which passed onto this from previous generations…hopefully WD doesn’t get in the habit of abandoning early adopters.

Today, Western Digital is introducing their 3G flagship product, the WDTV Live Hub. Priced at US $199.99, the product builds upon the features of their existing flagship product, the WDTV Live Plus. The new features in the WDTV Live Hub include

   1. 1 TB 2.5" internal hard drive
   2. HDMI 1.4
   3. Wired Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interface
   4. Media Server capabilities
   5. Improved user interface and UI framework
   6. Support for Blockbuster On Demand (rental and purchase)
   7. Remote control over a HTTP interface
   8. Support for scraping / cover art (media library information) download without the need for a PC