TiVo Premiere review


Here’s one of the first reviews of the much hyped TiVo Premiere, which isn’t all glory a gusto. It’s not all bad, but it’s definitely not all amazing like the marketing team had hyped up unfortunately. The good news is you know TiVo will continue to improve on the new interface, but judging by the original sneak pictures, some of you either love or hate it huh?


TiVo says it’s working to redo the entire interface over time, but for now the Premiere rather uncomfortably straddles two different worlds; the home screen might be futuristic and information-rich, but you still set Season Pass priorities using the same interface that debuted on the very first TiVo in 2001, and it still locks up the entire system while it resolves conflicts. That’s unacceptable in 2010 — let’s hope TiVo moves it to the background when it enables the second core.