Boxee Box has a Remote…and it’s SLICK


I’m not surprised, but I was literally just talking to a colleague who inquired how Boxee was going to handle all the typing and data entry needed to optimally use their software…this seems like an awesome solution.


Boxee Blog

When we started designing the Boxee Box remote we wanted something simple like the 6-button Apple Remote. As we began adding features to the Beta it became obvious that for people to really get the most out of the box it was going to need to do more than just point and click. Rather than subject anyone to another on-screen keyboard we decided the Boxee Box should benefit from a full QWERTY keyboard like you might have on a mobile phone. So here it is – the first drawing shows Astro’s original idea for the piece while the flat image below gives you a better idea of the near-final layout on the keyboard.