Zigbee 101 Refresher Course

The Zigbee Alliance has been in the news recently and there has been some buzz amongst home automation groups, but it’s still pretty unknown for many people. If you want a nice introduction to what exactly it is and how it plans to change the landscape for home automation, this guest post at Cocoontech seems to do a great job.


ZigBee is a wireless standard and technology whose goal it is to provide low-speed connectivity (250Kbps max.) with a range of 150 feet and running from a single battery for several years. ZigBee also incorporates mesh technology so range can be extended, and over 64,000 devices can be incorporated into a network. ZigBee operates at 2.400–2.484 GHz, 902-928 MHz and 868.0–868.6 MHz. Overall, ZigBee is a much broader technology than Wi-Fi, since ZigBee can be a simple radio, a mesh transport network, and/or it can specify how applications communicate. Wi-Fi is just a transport of TCP/IP.C