September 22nd Blu-ray Releases

Good week for Star Trek fans and sad week for fans of the Terminator Chronicles to keep dreaming what could have been. Observe and Report with Seth Rogan is a decent comedy if you’re looking for something new, but if you’re looking for a dumb mall cop comedy Paul Blart is much better (I can’t believe I just said that Paul Blart was better than anything).

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

I know the geek in me should be going with Star Trek, but I’m not really that big a trekkie so I can’t comment on which one to get, so I went with something a bit more current that has made me laugh no matter how many times I watched it. This horror movie plays on the cliches of all the classic horror movies and is from the same guys who bring you Hot Fuzz, also released this week on Blu-ray. Both are funny, but if you haven’t seen either you have to start with the first.