Hulu and SageTV – For Real This Time via 3rd Party Solution

Now here’s something cool for you SageTV users–integration with Hulu! I know some of you might be thinking–"who cares, we have Hulu desktop now," but this is actual integration that even works with Extenders! Only caveat is that you need a PlayOn subscription, which is not free but well worth it! Click over to see Brent’s video of it in action.


Well, thanks to some genius work by a 3rd party SageTV developer, it looks like SageTV may soon have an excellent (read: fast and easy to navigate) Hulu option right from the existing online videos section (currently has YouTube, Google Video & Many Video Podcasts Available) of SageTV!!! This means navigation will work the exact same for Hulu inside of SageTV. Since PlayOn has added Amazon VOD this news is even more exciting. It’s currently been tested as a “proof of concept” and works – although it’s not available to us yet at least…