Weekly Podcast Roundup Sept 24

It’s Podcast Thursday around the web! So to help you all keep track, here’s the podcasts from the week. Save them for Monday or get through them over the weekend. Some great content out there to help keep you entertained!


Podcast: The Media Center Show #224 – Ben Drawbaugh

As promised last week here is the interview I recorded with Engadget HD’s Ben Drawbaugh talking about his CEDIA experiences and looking back at how well he did with his predictions, some came off and some didn’t! The main news seems to be around CableCARD and Ben explains what this means to Media Center enthusiasts. I have a round up of the weeks news, email and my first impressions of the new Zune HD

Entertainment 2.0-Episode 47: CEDIA Part 2

We step back to CEDIA one more time this week but this show is a bit different. This week we get a great opportunity to talk to two people who were at the show and who help provide two very different perspectives. Joining us this week is Derek R. Flickinger of The Custom Integrator Show and Ben Drawbaugh of EngadgetHD. These two Media Center mavens give us the low down on what some of the CEDIA announcements mean to Media Center as well as provide context on where we may be headed. It was a pleasure to record this week’s show and we hope you enjoy listening to it!

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 01C

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 01C is live. Ian and I discuss my trip to CEDIA in Atlanta. I try to put more of a technical spin on Microsoft’s announcements instead of just reviewing the Microsoft press releases. I will say that the news is exciting – and that it’s all good, baby!


Seen in HD Episode 5 – National Parks and Oz

This week’s show is back to normal after last week’s Fall TV Preview Show. To start things out, Phil has some issues with an article that appeared on MSNBC this week, and tells you why. Adam and Phil also take a look at a couple HD news items that came out of the recent CEDIA show, including 3D HDTV.


TDL Mobile Show #8

This week Jon and Sheldon take a look at the last news in the mobile world including news from Windows Mobile 6.5, Motorola and Apple.


Engadget HD Podcast 156 – 09.22.2009

It’s been a really slow week in news, but we got together with the Ustream crowd to talk about some HD. Whether it’s over an open data pipe, walled garden marketplace, networked Blu-ray player, or an all-consuming media tank, having choices for getting entertainment into your eyeballs and eardrums is a good thing. With that in mind, we talk about the FCC’s first steps towards ‘net neutrality, Zune Marketplace content playback on MCE, VUDU on LG’s BD390, and Popcorn Hour’s C-200. Choice is something you’ll have less of if you’re sticking with Blockbuster as it closes down stores, however.