CEDIA News Roundup from Geektonic

In case you missed some of the news postings elsewhere on CEDIA, Brent has a summary with some opinions on what was shown and more importantly not shown at the show. Definitely some interesting messages being sent with Media Center specifically.


It wasn’t all good for Media Center though. I still wonder where are the extenders? Yes I know those new XBox360’s are a good value and yes they are a little quieter even. Shoot I might even be okay with one XBox360 as an extender in my house, but I definitely do not want one by every TV in my home. And I don’t want to use a HTPC (computer) at each TV either because of the extra setup/admin, noise and electricity usage. Because Microsoft has ignored the cries for a true Media Server/Client setup and instead force us to have a PC (with their own tuners) at every TV (or an XBox360) they have made it very difficult for a multiple TV home – at least mine.