Netflix Integration with Xbox 360 in Fall Update

Coming out of the press conferences at E3, it looks like Netflix integration is coming to an Xbox 360 near you. Originally only supporting SD but there is somemention that as Netflix migrates to streaming HD the Xbox might support it.


For now, Netflix will only stream in about-SD resolution. As Netflix transitions to HD, Microsoft said it stands to reason that streaming HD to the Xbox should be feasible. (Read: eventual.) Netflix will be for Xbox Live Gold members only, so you’ll be paying that $50 per year if you want it. Netflix video sharing ONLY works with other Netflix / Xbox Live Gold subscribers. You can’t share video with a Silver member, or who doesn’t subscribe to Netflix.

There are also a whole bunch of upcoming changes to the dashboard, with Miis and FrontRow and lots of other inspirations captured. Enjoy!

Compete Microsoft Press Conference available at E3 Insider