ATI Catalyst 8.7 Released

AMD/ATI has realeased updated drivers for their line of graphics cards. The new Catalyst 8.7 drivers include lots of bug fixes, but the list of known unresolved bugs is still lengthy in the Release Notes . This may solve problems for you as there are a number of fixes to areas of HTPC concern such as HDMI, 1080i/720p resolutions, extended/cloned […]

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Power Pack 1 – come and get it!

The WHS team has released Power Pack 1 :). Nothing too major in this first pack but the nasty data corruption bug got fixed and a few performance tweaks are kicking around. Other notables include X64 support, backup of shared folders and more efficient power consumption. Link As many know, Power Pack 1 provides a range of new enhancements, including […]

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New Cases From nMedia


It is good to see some fresh case designs on the market. Things of late have been just a tad stale :). nMedia recently released the 1000B and 2000B. Its hard to tell by pictures alone, but the newly design products look to be pretty solid. They have increased airflow in their newer designs to accomadate 2x80mm fans and 1x120mm […]

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