PR: ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre Supports NVIDIA CUDA

ArcSoft’s Upscaling Technology, SimHD, Is Being Demonstrated at NVISION 2008 FREMONT, Calif.–(Business Wire)– ArcSoft, Inc. announced today that ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre, its universal multimedia player, now supports NVIDIA CUDA which provides DVD upscaling through Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Devising its SimHD post processing technology with NVIDIA CUDA, ArcSoft is accelerating TotalMedia Theatre’s DVD upscale performance on GPUs to deliver viewers […]

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Lian Li XB01 – Xbox 360 Case


More then a few of you guys and gals have 360s for your extender, so I figured this Lian Li’s XB01 Xbox 360 case might be worth a look. It surely is a tad expensive, but when you consider the significant other fact, it maybe worth the money. bit-tech Yes, the first after-market case for the Xbox 360 has arrived, […]

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nMedia HTPCKB Keyboard

nMedia HTPC Keyboad

  nMedia HTPCKB Keyboard and Remote Everyone runs into a time eventually when a remote just isn’t enough to control your HTPC, but you don’t want to clutter things up with mouse and keyboard cables.  Read on to see if nMediaPC’s most recent innovation will fit your needs.  INTRODUCTION nMedia was founded in 2004 with a goal to "create future home entertainment PC […]

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Running an E-mail server from your home network

If you are interested in running email from your server, you should check out the New England Digital Media User Group’s live meeting on Ustream. They will fill you in on all the good information including anti-spam, webmail and all that other fun stuff. The Ustream page is here. The New England group page is here. They have been behind […]

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AVerMedia Bravo Hybrid TV Tuner


TV tuner evolution has finally crept to the point where we have combo cards that can tune unencrypted QAM and analog cable at the same time. So why would AVerMedia introduce a hybrid software encoding TV card onto the market? Let’s see if this card, associated features, and price point make sense for the HTPC market of today.     […]

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SageTV 6.4

SageTV keeps the development train moving forward with their release of SageTV 6.4. This is the software you want if you want to use Hauppauge’s new HD-PVR (record HD from component source and encode it to H.264). Whats new in 6.4? Look below for your answer. SageTV 6.4 announcement thread -Support for the Hauppauge HD PVR (Official on Windows, Experimental […]

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Good Times with Blu-ray on AGP and an Athlon 64

The past week I’ve been playing around with a an Asus AH3650 512MB AGP Card. I have to say, it’s been fun. It continually surprises me by how low spec a system I can use to play back Blu-ray. So let’s take a direct approach to this little write-up. Right now I’m watching Super Bad (AVC ~30 Mbps, Dolby TrueHD […]

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MSN Remote Record Being CLOSED!


Long time MissingRemote readers will remember the 7th Life With a Plugin episode covering Remote Recordings in Media Center, which covered the only two options for remote scheduling shows: Webguide4 and MSN’s Remote Record. Remote Record has always seemed to play second fiddle to Webguide, simply due to it’s lack of features. But if there is one thing it dominated, […]

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The Connected Home Day Training

Fellow MVP Pete Stagman has been working hard on bringing us the very first Connected Home Day Training, up in BOSTON. If you’re eager to learn more about the world of Media Center and more, then head on over…it’s free after all! HTPC User Group] }The event is called “The Connected Home Day”. It’s a full day training for novice […]

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