MSN Remote Record Being CLOSED!


Long time MissingRemote readers will remember the 7th Life With a Plugin episode covering Remote Recordings in Media Center, which covered the only two options for remote scheduling shows: Webguide4 and MSN’s Remote Record. Remote Record has always seemed to play second fiddle to Webguide, simply due to it’s lack of features. But if there is one thing it dominated, […]

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The Connected Home Day Training

Fellow MVP Pete Stagman has been working hard on bringing us the very first Connected Home Day Training, up in BOSTON. If you’re eager to learn more about the world of Media Center and more, then head on over…it’s free after all! HTPC User Group] }The event is called “The Connected Home Day”. It’s a full day training for novice […]

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Sorta Kinda Daily Button

I wanted to catch you guys up on a few things before I forget :). Oh, be sure to check out Mike’stour of Disney’s Innovations Home of the Future .   Chris Lanier, Mr. how the heck does he stay up with the news, has a few bits you should know about.   VistaView has released QAM support! Music plugin […]

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