AVerMedia Bravo Hybrid TV Tuner


TV tuner evolution has finally crept to the point where we have combo cards that can tune unencrypted QAM and analog cable at the same time. So why would AVerMedia introduce a hybrid software encoding TV card onto the market? Let’s see if this card, associated features, and price point make sense for the HTPC market of today.     […]

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SageTV 6.4

SageTV keeps the development train moving forward with their release of SageTV 6.4. This is the software you want if you want to use Hauppauge’s new HD-PVR (record HD from component source and encode it to H.264). Whats new in 6.4? Look below for your answer. SageTV 6.4 announcement thread -Support for the Hauppauge HD PVR (Official on Windows, Experimental […]

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